Month: January 2017


Smart Living.

With this post I am launching a new blog series called “Smart Living.”. It is mostly dedicated to all people which are struggling with either throwing out a lot of food, eating unhealthy or the ones which just want to save some money until the end of the year. Every week from […]


5 TOP wines from my winery.

Today I will show you what kind of wines I currently have at home in my winery. This collection contains mix of wines which I bought couple of years ago vs the ones I bought recently. I used to listen to my family and friends to get inspired which wine to buy, […]


Apple pie from Lidl.

We all have days when nothing is working out the way we want. To start with, You can’t get out of bed (it’s raining anyway so why would you want to in the first place!). You simply have no motivation or energy to do anything interesting, milk run out and your dog just s***t the carpet! Everything […]