Best places to eat in Poznan (according to TasteIsYours.com)

Best places to eat in Poznan (according to TasteIsYours.com)

During my stay in Poznan, I have visited a couple of VeGaN and also omnivore restaurants and food places. Some of them were really good and some of them were “only” good. And because I believe that good things should be shared, I have prepared this blog post for you. So once you visit Poznan in Poland, make sure you add this places to your “must try” list. They are all good value for money and you should be satisfied as well. And remember, Taste Is Yours 🙂

My scoring system works like this. During my visit, I check the general atmosphere, friendliness and knowledge of the stuff, food quality and the food taste. Even though I am not the professional reviewer (yet) I always look for the best value for money as a customer. So when I am satisfied or not satisfied I really mean it. No hidden tricks and deals with the places I eat in.

Best places to eat in Poznan (according to TasteIsYours.com)


To have VeGaN breakfast in Poznan’s city center is very tricky in my opinion. Either you have some lame one at your hotel (by the way, some of the hotel breakfast cost 60PLN per person) or you wait until 10 am when the most places open. So if you do not want to spend a hell of a money for food then you can visit one of the following ones. Or you can wake up later and go for lunch straight away 🙂

Tostownia, Fredry 2, 61-701 Poznan, Mon-Friday 8-17, Sat-Sun 9-15

I visited Tostownia on my first morning in Poznan. They serve a lot of different toasts, fresh juices, and coffee of course. The place is really cozy and has a pretty nice interior. What caught my attention were accessories with pug faces. So as a pug owner, I was immediately happier 🙂 And yes, this also means that the place is dog-friendly.

For the start, I have ordered a VeGaN toast with black bean filling and a black coffee. Later I added a freshly squeezed orange juice. The toast was an average one because it was dry. Adding just a little bit more filling would be enough and my rating would be also higher. But nevertheless, the prices are lower so you can forgive them for that. And the verdict? 3* from 5* possible.

Recommended for omnivores and low expectation VeGaNs.

Le-targ Bistro & Bar, Stary Browar shopping mall, Mon-Sat 9-21, Sun 10-20

In case you do not fancy toasts for breakfast so much I have another place for you. It is located in Stary Browar shopping mall in a very quiet alley. The interior is pretty awesome and I’ve never seen like that before in Poland. Why? Because the kitchen is open and almost all the ingredients are stored in wooden stands next to the tables. It really looks like a bistro somewhere in Paris. You can nicely see how your food is being made and meanwhile check if all the ingredients are fresh 🙂 Besides normal food, you can also buy freshly made bread, cakes, jams, and confitures. For more info, you can visit their website here.

So how was it? As I was quite hungry I have ordered an omnivore bagel with eggs and bacon 🙂 And a double espresso next to it. Both of them were very tasty and I was satisfied with the service as well. According to my rating system, Le-targ deserves a nice 4* from me. And I promise that I will visit them again and have more food and not only breakfast.

Recommended for omnivores.


With lunch, you have definitely more options than with breakfast. There is a lot of Asian places, fine dining restaurants, and restaurants with local Polish food.

Altana Pałacu Wasowo, Posnania shopping mall, Mon-Sun 10-22

I found this place in another shopping mall in Poznan called Posnania (actually one of the coolest shopping malls in Poland). You can find it opposite the food court and thanks to that it is much quieter than the rest of the food places. It offers a lot of good food and I definitely recommend to try Polish pierogi. I hade 2 types by myself 🙂 One with geese and second with meat and chanterelles. Both really delicious 🙂 And what about my rating? Solid 4* from 5* possible.

Recommended for omnivores and people who want to try Polish cuisine. In case you want to visit Altana on Sunday afternoon, it is better to book your table upfront.

Wypas, Jackowskiego 38, Sun-Wed 10-18, Thur 10-20, Fri 12-20, Sat 10-20

Guys, I will not lie to you. This is one of the best VeGaN places I have ever been, and not only in Poznan. Even though the place is quite small and it might get busy around lunch time, it is a must-have for all VeGaNs (ok, omnivores you can go as well 🙂 ). The quality of food is just exceptional and it is definitely worth to walk 20 minutes from the city center. Or you can always take a taxi or drive there with Uber in 7-9 minutes. Dishes I have ordered were small ramen and the Japan plate. Both very tasty and full of flavors. And please, be careful with the wasabi paste as it might be strong for you 🙂

Wypas scored a maximum 5* on my scale. I recommend this place for everybody – VeGaNs and omnivores. 

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Ptasie Radio,  ul. Kościuszki 74/3, Mon-Fri 8-24 (kitchen: 8-23), Sat 9-24 (kitchen: 9-23), Sun 9-23 (kitchen: 9-22)

Ptasie Radio Poznan

Honestly said I could’ve put Ptasie Radio in each of the categories. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinners. The food is extremely tasty, the interior is cozy and has a great atmosphere. I visited it twice and always left really satisfied. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Finally, you do not have a feeling that they just want to see you leave quickly. And that’s why you can nicely enjoy your food 🙂 And what I recommend to order? The plate with appetizers and wine because Ptasie Radio will give you the whole bottle once you order 2 glasses + small bowl of nuts + bottler of still water, and all the desserts. I had the chocolate cake and the ice cream in the glass with nuts and salty caramel. Both really delicious.

And the scoring is pretty clear here as I couldn’t give Ptasie Radio less than the maximum 5*. For me, this is by far the best restaurant in Poznan.

Recommended for VeGaNs, omnivores, dessert fans and wine drinkers 🙂

So this is it my dears. This was my favorite places to eat in Poznan. In case you have other recommendations, please send me a message at janvasil@tasteisyours.com so I can test them out next time I am in Poznan. If you enjoyed the reading and you find it useful share it with your friends as well 🙂







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