My favourite kitchen gadgets and why they matter?

I believe each of you has at home some kitchen gadgets which are your most favourite. You use them almost all the time and can’t imagine cooking without them. I have such tools as well. Today I will show you my 7 favourite kitchen gadgets and also explain why they matter to me. Maybe they will matter to you as well 🙂

kitchen gadgets

1. Peelers

I actually use two types of them. One of the left I use for peeling root vegetables like carrots and parsley or a long ones like cucumber. Also I love to shave Parmesan or Grana Padano cheese with it and place it on top of salads, risotto or pasta. It just looks very professional 🙂 The second peeler (on the right) I use for peeling any round shaped vegetables or fruits. Like potatoes or apples. Both of them have rubbered handle which is just perfectly matching my hand, even when my hands are wet. They are available in IKEA and cost only few money.

2. Sharpening whetstone – make Your knives cut like never before.

A good chef, be it a home cook like me or a professional chef in restaurant have one thing in common. They have to have a sharp knife. In a past I was sharpening my knives with a basic sharpeners. Probably thats why they were never sharp enough 🙂 So I started my research and wanted to find out what is the best way to sharpen a knife. After couple of articles about ceramic, diamond and steel sharpeners I discovered a sharpening whetstone. Yes I know that this is not the discovery of the century but whetstones are usually not available at department stores, therefore people do not know about them a lot. So they keep buying shity ones and complain that the knives are not sharp enough.

So in case you really want to keep your knifes sharp I strongly recommend to buy a sharpening whetstone. Why? Because they give you much more options, they are comfortable to use and long lasting. Most importantly they protect the blade from getting damaged during the sharpening process and they really work. My whetstone is from TAIDEA brand and have two sides. One is green with number 3000 on it and the second is white with number 8000. (the higher the number the more softer the structure of the stone is.) To keep it short the green side is for rough sharpening and the white one is for smooth sharpening and blade polishing.

You can check more details about them here.

3. Adjustable Spaghetti Measure – keep your portions correct.

Cooking at home is great for sure. You can play with the food and ingredients and you can decor it as you wish. It is all about your taste and fantasy. The downside of it is, that home cooking is killing the portions. I know from myself how important is to keep the sizes of the dishes on a good level. When you cook a small one you will get hungry quickly, when you cook a larger one you will get full and feel heavy afterwards. Also there is a high probability that you will gain weight from eating more than you actually should. So how to take care of this? Simply use tools which can help you, like weight or a portion measure. For spaghetti or noodles I recommend to use a simple adjustable measure tool. This one have 4 settings for serving from 1 up to 4 portions.

More information here.

4. Kitchen tongs – hold it properly.

I remember that when I was a kid almost every fried dish was flipped on a pan by fork. Today I can’t imagine doing it. Why? Because when you stub the meat with fork all the juices will run out and the meat will slowly become dry. Also you can be sure that your fish will fall apart once you will try to “fork” it. I use my kitchen tongs almost all the time. Not only for flipping food but also for holding it during cutting. This way my fingers are not burned from hot dish and the serving is a pleasure. If you do not have such a tongs at home try them out. You will see how quickly your fork will stay in a drawer.

My kitchen tongs.

5. THE Grater.

When I say grater matters I really mean it. Couple of weeks back during baking I was trying to zest a lime with the old grater. What came out was some green mess with almost no flavour in it. I still used the zest for the cake but was already thinking about some grater upgrade. The number of choices out there is unbelievable. You can buy graters with old school look, wooden or plastic handle and hundreds of head shapes. So which one to choose? What I can tell you straight away is that you should look only for the ones produced by Microplane. This grater is the sharpest one on the market and it will make your grating and zesting fun again. Most importantly all the flavours from limes and cheeses will stay in. This is also a highly recommended gadget from my side.

More info about THE Grater.

6. Chef knive – cutting, chopping, slicing like never before.

“The essence of a good kitchen is definitely a good chef knife.”

Couple of weeks back I have posted an article about choosing the right chef knife where I described also the one I use. Check it out below.

How to chose Your chef knife?

7. Cutting board – the base of a good cooking.

Last but not least I want to talk about the tool which is probably the most used in our kitchen – a wooden cutting board. I know that some people will say that you should use plastic ones which are in different colours so you can cut the meat on the meat one and fish on fish one and so on. All of this from hygienic reasons. My experience says that it doesn’t really matter because you should properly clean all of them anyway. 🙂 So why to buy more if one is enough. What really matters in my opinion is the correct size. My favourite one is this 45cm long and 28cm wide cutting board. It gives me a lot of space to cut more ingredients at once or to cut bigger amount of meat or fish for tartars.

Here you can find out more about it.

I really hope that you have enjoyed this post and learned a bit about my favourite kitchen gadgets. If you like it, please share it further on social media, rate it below and subscribe to our newsletter. Also you can send me your favourite kitchen gadgets which might inspire me. Cheers. Jan


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