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Monster Cookies

Monster Cookies (with dried cranberries and milk chocolate) What the hell is going on with the weather? I don’t remember April with so much snow and I saw a couple of Aprils in my life already. So if the spring is not here yet, I have an idea. Let’s do […]


Easter Lemon Tart

Easter Lemon Tart Do you know hat is the best in baking? That every time you bake something new it rarely turns out good for the first time. This happened to me with this Lemon Tart. Somehow I did not pay attention to step nr. 5 and 6 and forgot […]


Mr. Chocolate Brownie

Do you want to bake something really nice for Easter? I have this amazing chocolate brownie for you. The original recipe comes from Jamie Oliver (I just exchanged the dried cherries for dried cranberries) and its the one I am always making. I believe you will be very satisfied πŸ™‚ […]