This is the list of the best 15 Polish recipes you have to try as soon as you can. And what is on the list? Bigos, summer chlodnik, cucumber soup, Pierogi and desserts like challah bread, bundt cake, kremówka, and faworki.

bigos, summer chlodnik, cucumber soup, Pierogi and desserts like challah bread, bundt cake, kremówka, and faworki.

15 Polish recipes – The best Polish recipes you simply have to try.

Chickpea Breton Style.

This recipe is usually made with white beans and not chickpeas. But thanks to this small twist, the dish has a nice crunchy texture.

Traditional Polish cold beetroot soup (chlodnik).

Although this dish originates in Lithuania (sometimes it is called Lithuanian cold soup “in Polish – Litewski Chlodnik”) it has a very long history in Poland. The recipe itself is very easy and the preparation doesn’t take a lot of time.

Broad beans with spring onion pesto.

Easy broad beans with spring onion pesto for a quick, protein-packed summer lunch box which you can make in no time.

Stuffed cabbage rolls (golabki) with buckwheat.

Stuffed cabbage rolls are popular not only within my family but across all of the Central East and Eastern European countries. The recipes might be slightly different and some of the ingredients can be changed.

But the core, which is the cabbage, rice and meat and the way of cooking them stays the same. In East Slovakia (Zemplín area), you can find them on weddings, after baptism ceremonies or even on burial feasts. They are also very popular in Hungary (töltött káposzta) and in Poland (golabki).

Rhubarb under butter coffee crumble.

In Poland, in early spring, rhubarb is what I’m keeping my eyes on. As soon as I can find it, it’s sure I’ll be making the crumble.

Grilled gilt-head bream with potato salad. – Majówka

In Poland the 1st and 3rd of May is a Holiday time – 1st of May is an International worker day and also a day when Poland entered the European Union and the 3rd of May is the Constitution day.

Besides that it is the official start of the grill season. Majority of people grilles sausages or meat. But if you want to get something more special, check out this fish recipe.

Polish Challah bread with crumble.

This sweet bread is known in many cultures by different names. In Polish, for example, it’s called ‘chalka‘, and in Slovak ‘vianočka’.

The Brits sometimes call it the plait. It’s also well known in Jewish cuisine as it’s usually eaten on ceremonial occasions such as Sabbath.

Easter Saffron Bundt Cake.

Bundt cake is usually associated with Easter holidays. In Poland, this type of cake is called ‘Babka’ and it means ‘older women’. The name comes from the shape of the skirt ladies used to wear back in the old days (narrower at the waist and wider at the bottom with big frills). Today, many people cannot imagine Easter without a good ‘Babka’.

Polish whole wheat kopytka (dumplings) with sauerkraut.

This is a very traditional Polish dish called “kopytka” (dumplings) made with honey sauerkraut. Dumplings are often present in Polish cuisine. In many homes, it was known as the ‘leftover’ dish, as it’s usually made from boiled potatoes leftover from lunch.

Faworki, a very traditional Polish dessert. 

Each year people in Poland celebrate a so-called “tlusty czwartek” – fat Thursday. The history of this day goes a few hundred years back to the pagans era (the era before Christianity came into central Europe).

In the Christian calendar, the “fat Thursday” is celebrated on the last Thursday before the big lent starts (the lent always starts 52 days before Easter). In Poland and a Christian part of Germany, people on this day are allowed to eat a lot of unhealthy food. Like faworki or doughnuts.

Traditional Polish BiGOS.

An old Polish proverb says, that the older (and more heated or cooked) the BiGOS is, the better it tastes 🙂 So enjoy your cooking and “Smacznego” 🙂

Polish Cucumber Soup. (VeGan)

This is a very traditional Polish soup. It is made all around Poland in many ways. Usually, people make it from bullion which is cooked from some kind of smoked meat, like smoked ribs for example.

But this recipe has a VeGaN twist. Every ingredient is plant-based and suitable for VeGaNs. And what is the best part? It tastes like the original version.

Polish duck pierogi – Amazing traditional Polish pierogi filled with duck meat and vegetables.

One of the most traditional dishes in Poland are definitely pierogi. They can be made with any filling you can imagine. One of the best is the duck filling.

Polish VeGaN pierogi – Authentic pierogi recipe with sauerkraut and mushrooms.

In case you would like to make VeGaN Polish pierogi you can check out the following recipe. They are made with sauerkraut and mushroom filling.

Papal cream cake or kremowka. – One of the best Polish desserts.

Papal cream cake or kremowka is one of the best Polish desserts ever. Once you try them you will not be able to stop them eating.

If you would like to learn more about the Polish cuisine check out more information on Wikipedia.

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