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UPDATE June 2018

Hi friends and welcome to NEW Taste Is Yours 🙂 

This is the first food blog focusing only on Central East European cuisine. The best and most traditional recipes from Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, and Hungary. 🙂

Why I changed the food-blog strategy? 

I am food blogging for a bit more than a year and a half. Since then I have cooked, shot and written more than 100 recipes. These were mostly my favorite dishes from my childhood or dishes which I have discovered during my travels. And sometimes I just shared a recipe from the internet which turned out very well and I wanted to tell you about it 🙂

Even though I always put all my energy and heart in, I always had a feeling that something is not going well. I do not mean here the statistics or engagement. Both things are actually doing very well 🙂 The strange feeling was more about the final results, the direction of the blog and the dishes which I cooked. I took some “blog-free” time in April/May so I could properly think through what I am doing and then make changes if needed 🙂

Today I know that the changes were necessary and thanks to them I will be able to give you greater content, tastier dishes, and better-looking photos. I promise that you will love it 🙂 

So what is actually changing?  

The first changes are about the recipes. I have decided to change them completely. Since now there will be no recipes from the “global” cookbook. I will simply focus on Central East European cuisine and the best dishes from Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, and Hungary. And why? Because this is my homie countries 🙂 I was born in Slovakia, have Hungarian roots and for past 3 years, I live in Poland. Also, I have visited Czechia for many times in the past and have some family still living there 🙂 Besides that, I speak all the languages and can boldly state that I know them well 🙂 Last but not least, I still want to discover something new about them 🙂 

To cook Italian, Spanish, French or Asian dishes is interesting and fun, but I will never know how they should really taste and how to cook them properly unless I will visit and understand them all. Also, I would need to use the same exact ingredients as the locals do. And that’s not something I am planning to do in the close future. So I rather focus on the things which I know well and are really close to me. Things like cooking Hungarian goulash, Polish pierogi, Czech fried cheese or Slovak šúlance 🙂 I ate all these dishes a lot of times in my life and I know them very well. I know exactly how they should taste and what ingredients should be used. 

I strongly believe that this way my recipes will be more authentic and will respect the particular countries and their culture 🙂 

Visual changes.

The second thing which is changing is the visual side of the blog. The logo (which I hope you like) is more classic, representing cooking and the name of the blog. Last but not least, the red color is representing the folk side of the Central East European countries (also it is represented in each national flag of the countries). Also, there will be new graphics on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook 🙂
The NEW logo of Taste Is Yours

So to sum it up, I really believe that you will like the changes (the same way as I do 🙂 ) Hopefully you will learn new things about the countries, the local cuisines, traditions, and people which lives here 🙂 

Wish me good luck and stay tuned 🙂 


Taste Is Yours

Hi and Welcome to Taste Is Yours.

My name is Jan Vasil and I am the chef here – originally from Slovakia, have partial Hungarian roots and currently live in Poland. In the past, I was working in a corporate world where I was lucky enough to travel through most of the European countries and try out the best dishes. Today, besides Taste Is Yours I am a Life Coach, Blogger and Social Media Entrepreneur at Choice Is Yours.

About me

About me 1

I think that cooking became my passion already when I was a child. I just did not know about it. During my childhood, I’ve spent countless hours helping my parents, especially my mom in the kitchen. I remember that I’ve tried everything during cooking already because I wanted to know how it tastes. Probably this is how I’ve learned about traditional ingredients. Especially about how they work together and what flavors they bring to the dishes. My grandparents and parents were winemakers producing just a couple of bottles of wine per year. But for me, this was enough to build up a passion for wine. My personal dream is to continue this tradition and produce wine at my family place which is located in famous Tokaj wine region in Slovakia.

Nowadays I learn and get inspiration for cooking from other food bloggers, magazines, and online content. I always respect and stick to original recipes, its history, and ingredients.

On Taste Is Yours you will find recipes which are tasty, easy and fast. During my travels, I will be testing out food places and share my experiences with you. In Tips & Tricks section you will find articles about different cooking techniques, kitchen equipment and best practice in general.

I am very much looking forward to this journey as this is something I never did before. Follow me, check out my social media and you will learn something new about world’s greatest foods.

Sincerely Yours, Jan