The year 2018 was definitely a good one. I achieved a lot not only in my personal life but also in the professional one. I really enjoyed to create all the recipes, did some freelance photo sessions, and learned a lot about Social Media and marketing. It was definitely worth all the resources I have invested in all of the projects.

And why I am telling you all of this? Because now we have a New Year and before I will move forward I wanted to sum up the previous one. Also because I was very curious which recipes were your most favorite in the previous year 🙂 Below you can find your most favorite TOP 10 so enjoy the reading.

Last but not least I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everybody who had some interaction (like, share, read, comment) with Taste Is Yours last year 🙂 I really appreciate your time 🙂 I am highly confident that 2019 will be even more successful not only for me, but also for you 🙂 Wish you all a very Happy New Year 🙂

The traffic on the Taste Is Yours blog doubled from 9 958 page views in 2017 to 19 366 page views in 2018.

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TOP 10 recipes of 2018

10. Patatas Bravas

A super easy patatas bravas (VeGaN)

9. “Kremówka” Vegan style – a very traditional Polish cake. (VeGaN)

“Kremówka” VeGaN style. – Vegánsky krémeš.

8. Stuffed cabbage rolls (golabki, holubki, töltött káposzta)

7. 4 ingredint fritters (VeGaN)

4 ingredient fritters (VeGaN)

6. Traditional Polish cold beetroot soup (chlodnik)

5. Spicy sandwich (VeGaN)

Spicy Sandwich (VeGaN)

4. Easy Ratatouille (VeGaN)

Easy Ratatouille (VeGaN)

3. Crackling scones – a Hungarian classic

Crackling scones – a Hungarian classic

2. Šúľance – A traditional Slovak dessert (VeGaN)

Šúľance – A traditional Slovak dessert (VeGaN)

1. Fried Cheese (Slovak classic)

Fried Cheese (Slovak classic)