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Crepe torte with fresh blueberries.
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Crepe torte with fresh blueberries


 Crepe torte with fresh blueberries. To be very honest, this is one of the easiest and tastiest spring dessert 🙂 It doesn’t require any special cooking skills (ok, maybe you have to be a semi-pro crepe maker) but in general, you do not need too much experience in the kitchen. […]

Traditional Polish cold beetroot soup (chlodnik)

Traditional Polish cold beetroot soup (chlodnik)


 Traditional Polish cold beetroot soup (chlodnik) Although this dish originates in Lithuania (sometimes it is called Lithuanian cold soup “in Polish – Litewski Chlodnik”) it has a very long history in Poland. During the Jagiellonian era between 14-16 century, many people were traveling between both countries. They were not only exchanging traditions but […]