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Traditional Polish Żurek – the best soup from Poland.

,,Żurek” is one of the oldest dish from Śląsk (Silesia) – the voivodeship in Poland. It basically means sour, ensiled. This name for the first time was used in XV century. Polish farmers had even special pot to cook this particular soup. Now Polish Żurek is traditional soup served at the Easter time.

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Food is the one thing we all need to survive, it’s one of our most basic needs. We need food to keep us healthy, to grow and maintain a good body weight and to provide energy. Many people today have a lack of time or money to buy fresh healthy food so they turn to processed foods that are full of chemicals and preservatives. This can be unhealthy for you especially if you’re eating too much junk food.

Food is also an important part of your culture. Food can tell you a lot about where your family comes from, what their traditions are and what kind of values they hold dear. Food is a reflection of who you are as a person and how you view the world and what it has to offer.

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Traditional Karpatka – one of the most popular Polish desserts.

The puff pastry is made with folding and rolling the dough with cold butter (or other fat) several times until many layers appear. The choux pastry is made by mixing the water, butter, salt, and sugar together and bringing to the boil. Then you mix everything together while still hot and combined together. Later on when the dough is cooling down the eggs are added. The choux pastry is also more flexible than the puff pastry.

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