Finally, I can give you my homie (Slovak) recipe 🙂 Fried cheese is literally my most favorite dish ever 🙂 I used to have it almost weekly when I was a kid and also later when I started to work in Bratislava (the capital city of Slovakia). Also, I still have it every time I visit Slovakia as a tourist 🙂

Fried Cheese (easy recipe for Slovak classic)

Fried Cheese (easy recipe for Slovak classic)

On the other hand, since I live in Poland it is not easy to find good fried cheese. Some pseudo-Czech restaurants here are serving it but the taste is far away from the original one. Mostly, because there is a difference between the Slovak (or Czech) and Polish way of making the batter. What also varies is the cheese which is used. My mum used to make it from a harder Edam cheese and some people also use Gouda or Emmentaler. This time I was experimenting a bit and used two other types of cheeses. A medium strong Irish Cheddar and a Swiss Gruyere. Both kinds of cheese turned out very well and I would recommend both of them. So in case, you would like to make the perfect fried cheese and taste my most favorite dish check out the recipe below. Serve the cheese with fries or cooked potatoes and mayonnaise or tartare sauce on the side. Have fun cooking and enjoy 🙂

PS: Please do not count any calories here. The dish is fatty like hell but you will not get a heart attack from it 🙂 At least I hope not 🙂

Fried Cheese (easy recipe for Slovak classic)

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  • 200g of hard cheese (Cheddar, Gruyere, Gouda, Eidam)

  • 2 eggs

  • 50g of all-purpose flour

  • 100-150g of a good quality breadcrumbs

  • Vegetable oil for deep frying


  • To get a perfect result of your cheese you should slice the cheese into 1cm thick pieces. In case it will be slimmer it might get fried wrongly.
  • Crack the eggs into a bowl, add a pinch of salt and whisk them gently. You should get a fluffy texture without any bigger egg yolk pieces.
  • Pour the flour and the breadcrumbs into 2 separate plates.
  • Place the cheese firstly into the flour so it gets covered from all the sides. Then transfer the cheese to the eggs and turn, then place into the breadcrumbs. Cover from all the sides pushing the cheese gently into the breadcrumbs. Thanks to this you will get a batter which will be super thick and crispy from outside. Also, the cheese inside will melt nicely 🙂
  • Heat up the vegetable oil in a pan (or deep fryer) over high heat and deep fry the cheese until golden. This should take a maximum of 1 minute from both sides. If you fry it for longer the cheese might melt too much and it will run out to the oil.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy 🙂
  • *Special tip: In case you will fry the cheese in a pan and you are not sure how to check if the oil has a right temperature, just place in a couple of breadcrumbs and wait a few seconds. If they will start to fry immediately your oil is ready. If they burn too quickly, your oil is overheated and you should lower the heat. And in case nothing happens, you should wait a bit more and repeat this step a bit later 🙂
Fried Cheese (easy recipe for Slovak classic)
Fried Cheese (easy recipe for Slovak classic)
Fried Cheese (easy recipe for Slovak classic)
Fried Cheese (easy recipe for Slovak classic)