TOP 10 food trends in 2018

by Jan Vasil
TOP 10 food trends in 2018

TOP 10 food trends in 2018

This time I have decided to give you a bit different blog type. It will be all about TOP 10 food trends which will dominate in 2018. So in case you are a food blogger (like myself), or you just want to check out whats going on, you might like this article.

TOP 10 food trends in 2018
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TOP 10 food trends in 2018

Specialized tea

I discovered the power of specialized teas just recently during my Christmas shopping. Almost every restaurant or coffee/tea place is now serving a tea full of spices, herbs, and fruits. I have to say that lately, I do not drink just an “empty” tea but I always add something to it. And thanks to this even a basic green/black tea tastes completely different. It tastes awesome 🙂

Here is my most favorite tea combination: cup of green tea (tea bag removed), a slice of orange into which I stick some cloves (approximately 4pcs), 2,5cm whole cinnamon stick and 1-star anise.

Plant-based protein

Thanks to my 3 months VeGaN challenge I have learned that a human will not die because of not eating animal-based proteins. There are many plant-based proteins which can fully replace the ones coming from animals. In 2017 veganism grew significantly worldwide. And this trend will also continue in 2018. So get ready to see more plant-based meats, cheeses, and food made with peanut flour or non-dairy milk.

Golden Milk

The whole buzz around golden milk started already in 2017. Turmeric-based drinks like lattes or cappuccinos and juices appeared almost everywhere. In 2018 turmeric anything will go majorly mainstream. So get ready to see turmeric everywhere 🙂


Nope, the avocado boom is not over yet. Some surveys show that avocado belongs to TOP 3 superfoods to rise in 2018. (once again 🙂 ). And what else you will see apart from toasts with avocados, avocado desserts, and guacamole? The biggest boom will be a completely avocado based restaurants.

Instagrammable eats

Finally, something for Social Media freaks as well 🙂 In the last couple of years, food pictures on Instagram got extremely popular. People started to make pictures not only of what they cooked at home but also from what they had in a restaurant. Thanks to this many restaurants actually started to care about how they food look like on the plates. Restaurants sent their chefs to a food styling trainings just to teach them how to style their food better for Instagram. As this trend will continue to grow in 2018 as well, get ready to see more professionally looking food photos from all the food places.

VeGaN desserts

According to BuzzFeed, in 2018 the vegan desserts will rise even more. Many food places (or food bloggers) will start to prepare a lot of plant-based desserts. Get yourself ready to see baking with coconut oil, cashew milk instead of creams and flaxseed replacing vegan eggs.

In case you want to start straight away check out my VeGaN no-bake lemon tart recipe.

TOP 10 food trends in 2018
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TOP 10 food trends in 2018

Functional mushrooms

Another trend being pushed in 2018 will be a usage of mushrooms. Drinks like coffee, tea, smoothies will be packed with mushrooms like reishi and chaga.

Asian island cuisine

Next prediction is all about Asian cuisine. Besides all the mainstream foods from China, Japan, Thailand or Vietnam you will see a rise of Filipino foods, Indonesia, Malaysia or Singapore. The sour, bitter and aromatic flavor foods from this island nations will dominate the European market. And what ingredients you can expect to see? For example sambal or kaffir lime, or a Filipino adobo and bagoong. Also get ready to discover new street foods like Hainanese chicken rice or laksa.

Israeli cuisine

Another cuisine which will pop up globally will be an Israeli one (according to AF&Co, it will be a “cuisine of the year”). From shakshuka at brunch to sumac-spiced (doughnuts) for dessert, Israeli flavors are deep and vibrant, lending themselves well to both savory and sweet applications.

Colorful food

The last trend on my list is all about colorful food. In 2018 get ready to see more foods and drinks (like unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks) colored like never before. Blue cauliflowers or potatoes, charcoal bread and buns, vibrant pink and neon orange milk where just a beginning last year 🙂


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