14 easy recipes to cook during the 14-day coronavirus quarantine.

by Jan Vasil
Prawns with chili, garlic a​nd parsley - easy recipe

14 easy recipes to cook during the 14-day coronavirus quarantine.

Coronavirus is definitely complicating the life of millions of people around the world. Many countries are partially or fully locked. Public life has stopped restaurants, cinemas are closed and people are recommended to practice social distancing.

But people still have to eat right? So what to cook during the quarantine?

Here are my favorite 14 recipes that require a very small amount of ingredients or only few minutes to prepare.

The simplest vegan basil and pine nuts pesto. Delicious and ready in just 5 minutes.

I’ve made the basil pesto a few times in my life. But until now, it was always a regular one made with Parmesan cheese. A few weeks ago I switched to the plant-based diet and therefore I had to adjust my cooking and recipes. When it came to pesto I had to search for the ingredients that are the best for it. After a few trials, I think that I find the best combination. This pesto is refreshing, light, and flavourful.

5 minutes tiger prawns.

I will be very honest with you, this was more an experiment than targeted cooking. I’ve never cooked (actually never held in my hands) a whole prawn, meaning like with head, legs, and those long antennas. For me, it was always too yucky 🙂 In the past, I also cooked only the frozen ones which were already cleaned and even parboiled. But sometimes you just have to risk it and try out something completely new 🙂 So I bought the tiger prawns in the supermarket, cleaned them properly and cooked just by using my creativity. Nothing complicated, just a simple recipe and a couple of ingredients. And probably that’s the reason why they turned out so well 🙂 Simplicity.


15 minutes yellow curry tofu (VeGaN)

This recipe belongs to one of the quickest I ever cooked. It’s so simple that even a complete beginner will be able to cook it on time 🙂 And why? Because you need only a couple of ingredients, and 3 steps to make it. The first one is to cook the rice according to the instructions on the package. If you fail with that, you should not cook at all 🙂 (just kidding 🙂 ). In case you pass the rice cooking test you can continue with the next 2 steps and finish the dish. Have fun cooking and enjoy 🙂


Vegan: Quinoa pudding with vanilla, coconut milk, and fresh berries. [VeGaN]

Hold on. Before you start judging me why I used quinoa instead of chia seeds firstly read my comments below or try out this recipe straight away 🙂

Firstly, I do not like chia seeds and period. Mainly because it always gets stuck between my teeth or somewhere in my mouth and also I am not a big fan of the slimy stuff. 🙂 Secondly, this pudding simply tastes better with white quinoa. It has a very nice texture, and the coconut milk goes well with the gentle taste of white quinoa and vanilla. And once you add a handful of fresh berries and some mint leaves on top, this pudding tastes better than any other one.


Easy broad beans with spring onion pesto for quick, protein-packed summer lunch box which you can make in no time.

I have to admit that I discovered broad beans just recently. In the past, I used to buy and cook only the basic beans, green or yellow ones. Also, I used to cook with canned or frozen beans too. But the older I get the more I appreciate the fresh beans 🙂 Last but not least broad beans are super duper healthy so it would be stupid not to eat them during the summer season.


Quick vegan cold coconut soup to cool you down in summer time.

OMG, this is definitely my new summer obsession. 🙂 This soup is so refreshing that it will cool you down immediately. Especially on the hot summer days. Also, it is always good to have a backup recipe when you don’t have any clue about what to cook. This recipe is very easy, vegan-friendly and last but not least it is super fast 🙂 The preparation time is only 10 minutes and you need only a couple of ingredients.


By the way, if you don’t know what chowder is, here is a short description. Chowder is a thick soup usually thickened with milk or cream, and you can make two varieties – vegetable or seafood one. As I am currently on my 30-day vegan challenge I have chosen the vegetable version made with rice milk. The taste was actually very interesting as the corn and rice milk gave it a very sweet accent (so if you are a sugar person this soup is perfect for you 🙂 ).

Light, vegan corn chowder with cauliflower and chili for a hot summer body.


Smoked Salmon Tartare.

Lately, it is very hard to find good quality fish in the stores. The once available are visibly not fresh and for sure not suitable for raw eating. But as I still craved a good salmon tartare I decided to experiment a little bit 🙂 I made one with smoked salmon 🙂 It turned out very yummy and only an experienced foodie would tell the difference. The recipe is very easy and besides the smoked salmon, it requires only a few ingredients. Small hint before cooking, be very cautious with the salt. The smoked salmon can be very salty so it is better to try it before you add a spoonful of salt into it 🙂


Garlic toast with broad beans and goat cheese that your kids will enjoy in spring and summertime.

So the spring is over and the summer has officially started. The era of fresh spring onions, radishes and beets are over. Nevertheless, I am still trying to eat the best seasonal foods, which are available in the markets. Like my new favorite veggie, broad beans. (here is the recipe for broad beans salad with bacon and spring onion pesto).


Four ingredient vegan quinoa salad full of proteins to keep your body looking good in summer.

Friends, this is by far the easiest VeGaN recipe I ever made 🙂 It requires no cooking skills, only 4 ingredients and around 10 minutes of your time. So in case you are really running out of time or you do not have any energy for cooking left, you should definitely try it out. Also, you will be surprised how refreshing this easy salad is. Last but not least, it will remind you of how amazing the summer is 🙂 By the way, I can’t wait for that to come…


Polish Faworki – Delicious and easy traditional Polish dessert for “fat Thursday”. (Fánk, fánky).

Each year people in Poland celebrate a so-called “tlusty czwartek” – fat Thursday. The history of this day goes a few hundred years back to the pagans era (the era before Christianity came into central Europe).

In the Christian calendar, the “fat Thursday” is celebrated on the last Thursday before the big lent starts (the lent always starts 52 days before Easter). In Poland and a Christian part of Germany, people on this day are allowed to eat a lot of unhealthy food. 🙂

Hello friends, I am back 🙂 It has been a while since I posted the last recipe. This is mostly because I have been working on some super cool (but still secret stuff 🙂 ) and also because I took a few days off, you know holidays season 🙂

Nevertheless, I am slowly finishing my plans for the next 2 months. The blog will be full of new recipes (I will post one each Tuesday and Friday) and my Instagram page will be packed (daily) with cool photos and stories. So you can look forward to seeing some cool content 🙂

Fish fingers sandwich with 2 minute tartare sauce.

Moroccan Lamb Tajine.

I have to say that this recipe is one of my very first Moroccan ones. The dish is full of flavors and textures with a sweet accent. In case you like to experiment in the kitchen then this recipe is perfect for you. It is made from lamb loin chops, dates, raisins and pomegranate seeds and goes best with the couscous. Have fun cooking and enjoy 🙂


The perfect Minestrone (VeGaN).

The next recipe on my list is a super easy soup, an Italian classic called Minestrone. Minestrone does not have a specific recipe and you can cook many versions of it. Some of them are vegetarian, some contain meat or are based on chicken stock. But the base of Minestrone is vegetables. You can use every kind of vegetable you have in season, all the beans (but I still recommend the red ones for the color) and you can thicken the soup with rice or pasta. It’s all up to you 🙂


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