I remember eating Pischinger cake during my childhood a lot. My mum and grandma used to prepare this waffle cake a few times in a year. They simply made a very basic butter chocolate filling and spread it over a few wafers.

Sometimes they spread some apricot jam between the layers. Thanks to this improvement, the cake was super soft when eaten. In my opinion, it was a lot tastier ๐Ÿ™‚

The worst thing tho was the long waiting. In order to get the moisture from the jam and the filling into the wafers, they had to be covered with foil overnight. But on the other hand, you can imagine that happiness when the “green light” came and we could finally eat the cake. Yum.

Pischinger cake with chocolate filling - an authentic Polish dessert.

What is also interesting is that when I ate it as a kid, I didn’t know that it is actually called Pischinger cake. For me, it was simply wafers with chocolate.

I recently rediscovered this dessert when I moved to Krakow. I’ve found out that the original recipe actually comes from here. It was created by Oscar Pischinger, a baker from Vienna in the 19th century. The authentic filling is made with butter, chocolate (or cocoa powder), a bit of milk and some sugar.

Today you can find many variations of the cake not only in Poland or Slovakia where are I am coming from.

And how to make it? The recipe is actually very simple and the preparation takes about 10 minutes.

For the filling you can use:

  • chocolate spreads like Nutella or ฤokonuty
  • caramel
  • homemade chocolate cream
  • jams like apricot, strawberry, plum or sour oranges

Also, if you want to make your Pischinger cake more crunchy you can add the chocolate topping and some chopped nuts on top.

Pischinger cake with chocolate filling – an authentic Polish dessert.

Pischinger cake with chocolate filling – an authentic Polish dessert.

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Authentic Polish Pischinger cake recipe.


  • 1 pack of thin wafers (size of the packages migth vary, but you should have around 6-8 pieces of wafers)

  • Chocolate spread (Nuttella, ฤokonuty) or the homemade filling (recipe is in the notes section below)

  • Apricot of plum jam

  • 100g of dark chocolate

  • 10g of butter

  • 50ml of double cream

  • 20g of cashews or other nuts


  • Place your wafers on a flat surface and spread the first layer with the jam.
  • Add the next wafer and spread the chocolate filling on top.
  • Repeat this step until you use all your filling. Note, leave the top layer empty.
  • Meanwhile, create a water bath, add the dark chocolate, butter, and the double cream into a bowl and melt them together. This should take a maximum of 5 minutes. Once melted leave to cool down a bit.
  • Once your Pischinger cake is assembled and your chocolate topping is lukewarm, pour it over the cake. Start from the middle and spread it evenly with an offset spatula.
  • Chop the cashews and sprinkle over the chocolate topping. Leave to cool completely.
  • The best is to wrap the cake with plastic foil, put something heavy into the middle and leave to rest overnight.


  • For spreading the filling and jam evenly use an offset spatula.
  • Homemade filling recipe: 100g butter, 100g sugar, 250ml of double cream, 100g of milk chocolate or chocolate chips. Add the butter, sugar and double cream into a pot and bring to boil. Lower the heat to medium, add the chocolate and cook for a few minutes until it the filling thickens. Cool down completely and fill in the wafers.
  • If you will not wrap the cake with cling foil, the wafers will become dry.
  • You can leave it to chill for a few hours but the best is to leave it overnight.
Pischinger cake with chocolate filling - an authentic Polish dessert.
Pischinger cake with chocolate filling - an authentic Polish dessert.

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